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At Tidel, we don't just create products - we pioneer them. Tidel began in 1978 as part of The Southland Corporation (now known as 7-Eleven, Inc.) by inventing a robbery deterrent product that has become familiar to retail store operators everywhere - the Timed Access Cash Controller (TACC). This product was the centerpiece of our manufacturing operation for many years and today there are over 300,000 Tidel systems working in retail locations throughout the world.

In 1992, Tidel made history once again by introducing dial-up ATM technology to the commercial marketplace. Tidel set the standard for low-cost, high-reliability ATM performance and expanded the product line to include scalable ATMs and multimedia point-of-sale kiosks that could dispense everything from cash to stamps to event tickets. The success of Tidel's ATM platform didn't go without notice in the marketplace and among the larger players in the ATM world. As a result, Tidel and NCR Corporation entered into an asset purchase agreement in 2006 where Tidel sold all of its ATM products to NCR EasyPoint, LLC.

Moving into the future, Tidel is once again causing the industry to take notice by partnering with innovative companies to extend the capabilities of our products. Tidel originally released the Sentinel cash management system in 2002. This new product represented the next revolution in intelligent cash management, providing a host of features designed to provide users with real-time cash accountability. The Sentinel product line continues to move forward with its scalable platform that can incorporate the newest advances in cash management technology and unique user-specific features and peripherals.

Tidel has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of cash management and security equipment in the world. Our success comes from one simple idea: we continue to pioneer products that are profitable for our customers.


  • 07.15.14 Tidel announces the Tidel Series 4e
  • 07.01.14 Tidel earns top ratings in 2014 CSP Brand Perception Study
  • Aug 1 - 3 - Subway Convention / San Diego, CA
  • Aug 3 - 6 - RLPSA / Orlando, FL
  • Oct 6 - 9 - IMTC / Miami, FL
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