High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser with Tidel S5

high capacity bulk coin dispenser for S5

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The Tidel High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser, powered by the Tidel S5, offers a convenient way to dispense bulk coin on demand, using a secure and auditable process.

Equipped with 8 coin hoppers that can be programmed to handle a wide variety of currency mixes, the High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser is an ideal solution for grocery stores, transportation companies, big box retail, or hospitality organizations that require a dependable solution to manage the disbursement of coin, as part of their day to day cash operations.

The High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser can dispense any combination of coins in preset amounts for start-of-shift till preparation with just the touch of a button. Dispensing coins and accessing the coin hoppers is completely auditable and managed by individual user PIN. The High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser supports 8 coin hoppers, with each hopper capable of dispensing up to 8 coins per second. The coins are dispensed into a removable coin tray for easy handling.


  • Dispenses bulk coins in custom defined denominations and amounts
  • Can be configured to dispense multiple predetermined start-of-shift change funds
  • 8 coin hoppers
  • Dispenses 8 coins per second per hopper
  • Coin hopper capacities (for U.S. Coins): 1,500 ($1), 3,700 (25¢), 9,600 (10¢), 4,200 (5¢) and 6,800 (1¢)
  • Audible alarm in vault door
  • System connectivity via data cables (provided with system)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply


Weight:  676 lbs. (306 kg) Dispenser only

Weight:  1526 lbs. (692 kg) with S5

Height:  41.05″ (1042 mm) Dispenser only

Height:  48.88″ (1241 mm) with S5

Width:  26” (660 mm) Dispenser only

Width:  45″ (1143 mm) with S5

Depth:  34” (863 mm) Dispenser only

Depth:  36.19″ (919 mm) with S5

Power Requirements:

120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz

Warranty – High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser

1 Year parts and 90 days labor (Inside the US)
1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)

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