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Revolution Product Line

The Advantages of Tidel’s Revolution for Your Cash
Management Solution

Closed Architecture: Tidel offers a Closed Loop System ("CLS"), a best of class in the market. Since the notes are managed without human intervention (ie, transferring from one cassette to another or one system to another) it offers the best level of security and is virtually mistake proof. Revolution also allows management of all cash in the store through its unique “external vault” management function.

Convenience: Tidel is the only automated system that offers the convenience of both direct dispense to the tills AND dispense to cups for ease of daily management of coin demands.

Palm Scanner: Secures the system and users such that a user's ID cannot be stolen, borrowed, or "used with permission"; supports biometrics, Card & PIN, PIN only or Card only ID methodology.

Coin Discrimination: Insures the highest level of integrity in the cash management system. If the system accepts known counterfeit items (ie, slugs for coin, or lower value foreign coin), users will look for ways to beat it; slugs and foreign coins may also jam the dispense mechanism if they have been accepted which may increase overall maintenance costs. If coin discrimination is not required, Tidel’s coin system is the only one in the market that can be upgraded conveniently should the store management determine at a later date that it is desirable.

Continuous Monitoring: Tidel utilizes the same industry-leading, state-of-the art, PCI-compliant monitoring systems that is used by the largest banks, ATM manufacturers and service organizations in the USA to monitor their ATMs and vaults. Our systems are monitored 24 hours per day, seven days per week, all year.


Same Day Credit:Tidel systems are approved by all major armored carriers (CIT) and most Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks for same day (Provisional) credit

Easy to Use Operation: Embedded self-help videos insure maximum system uptime, and consistent and correct use.


Future Technology & Growth: Tidel is an Engineering Development firm.  We build systems that meet the needs of our customers, not systems intended for some other use that our customers are required to "shoehorn" into their stores. With Tidel, you can be assured that the systems you use are "right-sized" and will always be able to communicate with home office and each other.

Scalability: All models of Revolution can be ordered with higher speed, higher capacity PCs.

Single Source System Management: Tidel (a US Manufacturer) designs, develops, manufactures and supports the hardware, software, and middleware of all of its systems. Unlike others in the market that require multiple systems management processes (i.e., one software set for note management, another for coin and system management), Tidel’s “middleware” manages the entire system, keeping all aspects in balance and reported to the customer.  None of our Engineering processes are outsourced.


Software Features and Functions:

  • Scalable-cluster format
    • up to two note recyclers
  • Reporting-Standard or Custom
  • Lane & Clerk accountability as separate or combined functions
  • Track money outside of unit w/external vault fund function
  • Software controlled “permission level” for machine access
  • Tills & drop bags can be traced to a specific user by utilizing bar-coding
  • Multiple system authorization. Card & PIN, Log-in & PIN or biometrics
  • Multiple tills per register/lane
  • Axeda remote monitoring solutions for tech support
  • Real time cash/coin level monitoring
  • Guided deposit
  • Automatic re-mixes solution when note cassette runs empty
  • Customized programming of ID cards
  • Auto-prompt for changing passwords for security reasons
  • Automatically email reports at end of day
  • Courier specific log-in menu feature
  • Ability to integrate with POS
  • Custom background imaging for PC
  • Video trouble shooting tips
  • Video guidance for system operation


  • 01.13.14 Tidel Engineering announces the Tidel Series 4
  • 12.03.13 Tidel Names Gary Landry as new President & CEO
  • June 11 - 13 - NRF LP 2014 / Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • June 23 - 26 - HITEC 2014 / Los Angeles, CA
  • Aug 1 - 3 - Subway Convention / San Diego, CA
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