Even with the growth of digital wallets and various alternative payment methods, cash is still king. However, for a retailer, managing cash can present its own set of challenges. From miscounts to recounts to reconciliation to security, proper cash management practices are paramount to a store’s long-term sustainability.

For high-volume cash users such as grocery stores, convenience stores and amusement parks, rolled coin dispensers are a critical piece of the cash management puzzle. These straightforward, easy-to-operate devices give cash users a convenient way to vend rolled coins on demand, greatly reducing bank visits and minimizing the opportunity for miscounts or shrinkage.

To serve the needs of high-volume cash environments, Tidel is pleased to “roll out” its newest member of its industry-recognized family of cash management systems – the Rolled Coin Dispenser. This new product represents the latest innovation in the Tidel line of cash management systems that began in 1978. That’s when Tidel, then a part of the Southland Corporation, introduced the Timed Access Cash Controller that offered a new level of security for store operators. Since then, Tidel has remained at the forefront in introducing easy to use, reliable, and proven cash management technologies that offer a wide range of capabilities to support the needs of multiple industries.

What’s the No. 1 customer complaint about cash transactions? Waiting in line. But there’s a solution that you may not have considered. Industry research shows that rolled coin dispensers save 5 to 7 seconds on every cash sale. Shaving precious seconds off every transaction boosts customer satisfaction as well as the store’s bottom line.

Tidel’s new Rolled Coin Dispenser offers unprecedented flexibility and security for high-volume cash establishments. The Rolled Coin Dispenser is fully compatible with the Tidel S5 and Series 4e, making it the only rolled coin dispenser on the market controlled by two systems. It’s Plug and Play capable, so customers can simply plug it into their existing Series 4e or S5 systems and begin using the system in just minutes.

Similar to all Tidel systems, the Rolled Coin Dispenser is completely secure and auditable, and assimilates very easily into a controlled, closed-loop cash management environment.

The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser is offered in two standard configurations – standard capacity and high capacity. The high capacity system offers the highest single system rolled coin capacity on the market. This capability can greatly reduce trips to the bank or frequency of coin deliveries via armored car carriers.

With this latest addition to its product line, Tidel remains the largest cash management solutions provider in the U.S. Our mission is, and will continue to be, to provide our customers with the latest innovations that help streamline, protect and automate their cash management environment.

We invite you to take a test drive of the innovative new Rolled Coin Dispenser at Booth # 3661 at the NACS show in Atlanta in October. Stop by and try out the future of cash management, today.