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Jun 26, 2018

Driving Efficiencies and Optimization for Cash-Intensive Businesses

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Cash Being Exchanged at a business Representing Tidel cash management solutions for Cash-Intensive Businesses.
Some say cash is on its way out. However, according to a Health of Cash study, cash remains the most commonly used payment method, used by nine out of 10 consumers in the past six months, and by 80% on a monthly basis. With a substantial portion of consumers still using cash, the need to streamline cash transaction processes is ubiquitous across a wide array of sectors. Whatever the industry—from retail to hospitality, to healthcare and the restaurant industry—no challenge is too big or too small for Tidel to handle.

Tidel solutions help automate and secure cash-intensive environments, enabling businesses to realize greater efficiencies and more optimal use of their labor. Listen to Marty Hendrickson, Tidel’s Vice President of Global Sales, discuss current trends, the necessity of providing a “customer experience”, and how their solutions have simplified POS purchases and back office accounting processes across numerous industries.



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