Tidel has developed smart safes that make securing and accessing funds a seamless operation.  Not only do Tidel smart safes secure cash they also help to accelerate the deposit preparation and end of day processes for store managers.  Also, working in harmony with armored car and reputable bank partners, a Tidel smart safe program can yield additional, tangible benefits, one of which is provisional credit.

With provisional credit, the cash in the safe is credited to the store’s bank account, even if the funds are still physically inside the safe. This provides the retailer faster access to their working capital, and negates the need for the store manager to rush to the bank to make that afternoon deposit.

Availability of provisional credit by banking partners has been a significant development in the cash management industry, and represents a key catalyst for growth in the smart safe market in retail stores over the last three to four years.

A smart safe, an armored car provider and a bank partner providing provisional credit all work in harmony to enable retailers to streamline, automate and secure their cash environment – providing an end-to-end closed cash management loop.  We call this the “smart safe program” and many retailers are adopting this as a key component of their business strategy. With the retail landscape become more and more competitive, a smart safe program provides a tangible and profitable competitive advantage.

Access your capital faster, enhance your cash security, and increase business profits with the Tidel Smart Safe Program.