Abroad, American consumers are known for being notoriously demanding, expecting conveniences overseas that are available stateside. That’s because here at home, customers can get virtually anything their hearts desire at the drop of a hat, or more aptly, the push of a button. Retail giants like Amazon can ship cosmetics to your mailbox overnight. Don’t feel like shopping for groceries, Google Express will have everything you need to make dinner at your doorstep before you get home from work. In the mood for a candy bar, Postmates will get you your favorite chocolate in an hour.

In order to remain competitive in this “on-demand” environment, your local convenience store has had to expand its offerings, and provide customers with a more comprehensive experience. Evolving into a “one-stop shop” where buyers can purchase everything from gas to groceries has its own set of growing pains, but at Tidel, we believe cash management shouldn’t be one of them.

Our innovative Series 4e unit makes it easier than ever for retailers going through the process of expanding their cash management systems. With the Series 4e, growing businesses can recycle coins, dispense coins and notes, and scale note deposit and validation capabilities – all from a single station. Best of all, purchasers of the Series 4e can configure the controller with peripherals at their pace and to meet their specific needs, making expansion a breeze. This adaptability ensures that the Series 4e is always ready for deployment both now, and as business grows in the future.

According to the NACS (National Associate for Convenience and Fuel retailing) there are over 150,000 convenience stores in America and that number is steadily growing. As corporations and business owners in this vertical look to expand their business they need a partner who can provide the necessary equipment to support their operations.

No other cash management solution offers retailers expansion capabilities like the Series 4e. The console and supported peripherals connect via data cables that are provided with each system. The cables, offered up to 100’ lengths, enable amazing flexibility when stationing the unit, and provide for a simple and effective upgrade path.

Software features allow connection to an Ethernet network for interface to POS, back office PC, or remote locations. A complete cash management application comes standard with each system. All activity is auditable to an individual user through PINs, and the system can produce, on demand or on a pre-programmed schedule, an extensive list of reports to help any organization manage its cash business.

When it comes to cash management, the Series 4e holds the crown in versatility. It’s specifically engineered to be configured to meet your business’s needs. Whether your enterprise is growing now, or years from now, the Series 4e will always enable the most comprehensive and expansive cash management portfolio. Contact Tidel today to find out more about the Series 4e as well as our other premium cash management systems and robbery deterrent products.