While American consumers enjoy many ways to make in-store purchases, none compare to cold hard currency. Even in today’s digital environment, retailers must be ready to handle cash transactions. Because 43% of US shoppers do not hold credit cards, 20% have neither a credit card nor debit card, and 17 million do not have a bank account, it is important for stores to have a reliable cash management system in place.[1]  The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser, designed to dispense rolled coins on demand, makes a convenient solution for high cash volume organizations.

Retail managers often find themselves having to go to the bank to buy rolled coins, when they could be more productive at their store locations. Or they frequently place change orders, resulting in higher operational expenses. The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser minimizes bank runs and change order fees, reducing costs and allowing managers more time to focus on their core responsibilities. The system provides convenience, drives profitability, streamlines operations, and enhances security for modern retailers.

“The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser offers a convenient way to dispense the most-used US currencies in order to replenish a store’s change fund,” explains David Barclay of Tidel. “No need to wait for a change order delivery from your armored car – and pay the expense associated with it – and no need to send your manager to the bank to buy rolled coin.”

Within its given footprint, the Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser has the highest rolled coin capacity system available, and accommodates US pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. The system is scalable, supporting 4 coin magazines per cabinet, which can be expanded to two cabinets per Series 4e controller. It boasts the smallest footprint of comparable machines on the market, as measured by square inches, allowing it to be stationed in any location while commanding little retail space.

As a superior cash management solution, the Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser offers the highest levels of security. Funds are stored behind a secure vault door, accessible only by the console, which is governed by unique user PINs. Administrators can restrict access to specific individuals, and a programmable alarm audibly warns if the door is ajar for too long.

Even in today’s high-tech age, digital wallets have not replaced the need for physical currency, and retailers must be prepared to efficiently manage cash transactions. The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser delivers rolled coins on demand, reduces inconvenient trips to banks, and minimizes costly change order fees.

The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser is available through Tidel channel partners, so feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance making a connection. Also, visit us online at www.tidel.com/support/series-4-4e-training to test drive the interactive tool on the Rolled Coin Dispenser and discover everything it has to offer!

[1] http://www.bankingtech.com/214512/new-solutions-for-optimising-cash-in-the-retail-industry/