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Aug 15, 2016 

How a Smart Safe Benefits Retail Store Customers

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Mother Shopping at a Grocery Store Representing Smart Safe Benefits for a Store
In a prior blog post, we discussed ways in which a smart safe benefits store employees. We addressed increased security, efficiency, and freedom to allow front line employees to perform what they were hired to do – transact sales and make customers happy.

In this article, we’ll address how smart safes benefit other individuals in the store – customers. Many benefits that apply to employees have a direct effect on how they benefit customers, and we’ll unpack these in a bit more detail in this article.

Here’s how smart safes benefit customers who shop in retail store:

Better Customer Service

Smart safes help streamline the cash operations of a retail store. They automatically record all transactions, keep an accurate count of deposits fed into the safe, and provide the reporting needed to make the required decisions to run the business. The automation a smart safe provides helps accelerate the deposit preparation, discrepancy investigations, and reconciling of the day’s cash receipts against POS sales. Many of these tasks are usually relegated to the store manager.  With a smart safe, store managers now have the freedom to conduct more productive activities – such as employee training – which in turn enables better experience overall for the store’s customers.

In addition, the level of accuracy a smart safe provides gives tremendous relief to store sales associates. They no longer need to worry about being over or short at the end of their shift, which gives them the peace of mind enabling them to be more productive. More productive sales associates means customers are better served.

A Better Merchandised Store

Customers prefer to shop in a store that is consistently clean, orderly, and well merchandised. If a store doesn’t have these areas well covered, customers will simply take their business elsewhere, as there are too many options in which to choose, including those outside of the brick and mortar domain. Having been relieved from the burden of manually handling cash, store managers and employees can redirect their efforts towards keeping the store clean, orderly, and optimally merchandised to maximize sales and provide a better customer experience.

A Secure Environment

A secure store is much more than the involvement of security cameras, locked cases, and anti-theft devices. Some security measures are less obvious to a customer, and a smart safe can be classified as such. Smart safes provide enhanced store security by providing a safe and proven way to deposit the store’s cash and limit access to deposited funds. Typically, access to the safe’s contents is limited to the store’s contracted cash-in-transit provider. Smart safes also minimize the amount of cash needed to be kept in the till, thus minimizing the occurrences for robbery or theft from internal or external sources.

Customers find value in a secure environment in which they shop. They tend to stay longer and spend more, and are more likely to be a repeat customer, and are likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family. A smart safe is a proven contributor to such an environment. Not only do they make employees safer, they make the environment in the store safer, which transcends to those that do business there.


The retail environment of today is hotly contested. Due to the proliferation of numerous shopping choices, particularly outside of the brick-and-mortar domain, the fight for customers is intense.

While many retailers opt to address larger initiatives to attract and retain customers, many overlook the obvious, fundamental factors – such as keeping a clean, well-merchandised store, maintaining a secure environment, and fostering an atmosphere that allows store associates and managers to focus on what really matters – attending to customers.

A smart safe can have a significant impact on these fundamental factors. They relieve store associates and managers from the manual burden of handling cash, which in turn gives them the freedom to do the most important activity – ensuring customers have a positive shopping experience. Customers benefit and, in turn, stores benefit.  Smart safes promote a win/win situation for all.

If you are a retailer that would like to have a better understanding of Tidel’s solutions and how they help foster an environment that will enable you to better serve your customers, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-678-7577.


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