Retailers across the U.S. are constantly searching for ways to enhance daily business processes for their employees and customers, always looking to become more cost- and time-efficient. The beginning of a shift tends to consume the time of both the manager and employee, as the starting till is usually walked from the back office to the front counter. This routine is inefficient, and leaves the employee vulnerable to theft and inconveniences customers as they wait for the shift change to finish.

Fortunately, Tidel has developed a solution to this problem with the introduction of the Till Storage Vault. The Tidel Till Storage Vault is a versatile, multifunction system that secures note deposits while nestled under the front counter of the store. The Till Storage Vault offers a wide bottom vault, capable of storing up to four standard-sized till drawers. This innovative system also supports an optional coin drawer, to enable quick access to rolled coin. The Till Storage Vault also provides a secondary vault for other items, such as bags of coins and/or lottery tickets.

With the Till Storage Vault, the ability to hold four tills in one vault enables the shift-switch process to occur much quicker, as the hardware that is needed is directly under the counter. This option gives managers the ability to place the start of shift funds within the till before the shift begins. In other words, by storing the tills in a secure vault near the register instead of the back office, the Tidel Till Storage Vault eliminates the need to utilize a secondary storage safe, thereby optimizing retail store space, and accelerating the start of shift process.

The Till Storage Vault is the epitome of efficiency, with its optional rolled coin drawer that provides a convenient way to access change throughout the day. The coin drawer contains eight individual coin slots and easily slides out for quick and efficient access to rolled coin. In addition, the drop slot allows for the manual depositing of checks, money orders, or other items that cannot be deposited via the bill validators.

At Tidel, we create long-lasting customer partnerships by identifying needs and providing solutions that support our customer’s success. We strive to deliver long term-sustained growth through market leading innovation, while providing the highest quality products in our industry. With the expansion of shopping plazas around each corner, retail has become more competitive, pushing store operations to be efficient.

Don’t waste more time. Optimize your shift processes today with the Tidel Till Storage Vault. Contact us at to learn how our solutions can help you better manage your cash.