We don’t believe our commitment to our customers should end once our equipment is dropped off at their store. Just like any machine, Tidel safes require routine maintenance and upkeep, as well as the occasional repair. It is crucial that we have personnel at the ready who not only have the breadth of knowledge to deal with any situation that may arise, but are also able to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our service. To accomplish this, we have developed a comprehensive training program and require that each of our technicians is certified before servicing any of our systems.

The certification process involves two parts. The first is a comprehensive training course held each month at our headquarters in Carrollton, TX. The course involves several facets, perhaps the most important being an intensive look at the fine details of our systems and how to service them. In order for a certified partner to be effective in the field, they have to know what makes each of our products unique, the common maintenance issues they should expect and the knowledge necessary to adapt and solve problems they may have not previously encountered.

The course also places a heavy emphasis on the role of customer service. As a representative of Tidel, our field service technicians are the human face of our company. Instilling in our technicians the commitment to our customers that has helped Tidel grow is crucial to our success. Requiring our technicians to take our certified training course is our way of ensuring that the comprehensive coverage they provide includes a focus on the happiness of our customers themselves.

Once the course is completed, the second part of the certification process involves an exam. Tidel technicians must pass the exam in order to become certified. Once certified, each technician is required to re-certify every four years. By requiring our technicians to recertify, we can keep our qualified field technicians updated with the most current Tidel technology and maintenance solutions needed to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

A great training program leads to great technicians. Not only does our training program give our technicians an advantage in the industry, it provides a widespread group of qualified personnel available to help service customers throughout the US and Canada. Business owners with Tidel safes can rest assured that an experienced and certified tech is available to provide the excellent service they require, whenever they need it. To learn more about our commitment to quality in all aspects of our business, visit https://www.tidel.com/about/quality-policy/.