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Dec 18, 2018

The Tidel TR50: A Complete Cash Automation Solution in a Small Form Factor

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Tidel’s TR50 Cash Recycler provides cash automation in a small form.

Organizations that manage high volumes of cash using traditional methods will face inherent operational and financial challenges, including higher labor costs, higher banking fees, and risk of theft and loss. To address these challenges, organizations need a solution that automates cash handling processes, minimizes risk, and elevates cash visibility. The Tidel TR50 cash recycler can streamline an organization’s day-to-day cash operations and increase operational efficiencies by accepting, dispensing, and securing the store’s cash throughout the day.

Fewer Errors, Greater Productivity

Manually counting cash is laborious, time-consuming, and subject to human error. Too often, employees responsible for the store’s cash spend an exorbitant amount of time counting cash, preparing tills, reconciling cash receipts against POS sales, and investigating discrepancies. A cash recycler eliminates these manual processes by automating the preparation of tills, facilitating deposits of higher denomination notes, accurately counting and recording deposited cash, and managing the store’s daily cash fund – or float. This level of automation frees up employees to assume more productive tasks within the store, while at the same time promoting an environment based on greater efficiency, productivity, and accountability.

The TR50 – A Powerful yet Versatile Solution

The Tidel TR50 cash recycler delivers a versatile and comprehensive cash management solution for a wide spectrum of cash-heavy environments. The TR50’s small form factor enables it to be placed in multiple points within the store, including the back office, point-of-sale, or at self-checkout stations. The TR50 is compatible with all Tidel coin recyclers, offering a complete end to end cash recycling solution that can be deployed across a wide spectrum of retail environments.

Tidel TR Series Software – Providing additional Levels of Functionality

Automating processes such as user and permission control, reporting, and register management, the TR Series software offers unparalleled functionality and ease of use. The software application monitors all system components and allows for proactive intervention, error recovery, and remote access capability. The TR Software accommodates multiple recycling solutions and provides future-proof scalability for growing and evolving businesses.

Offering enhanced Convenience and Security

The Tidel TR50 comes equipped with an integrated printer; combination style door locks; an iButton for easy CIT access; and biometric authentication for enhanced security.

The TR50 boasts a 3,200-note capacity, 4 notes per second dispensing speed, 5 notes per second depositing speed, and support for up to 6 recycle denominations, providing the flexibility needed to automate the cash operations across a wide range of environments and use cases.

Upgrade Your Cash Automation with the Tidel TR50

The Tidel TR50 is a versatile cash automation solution designed to be placed at multiple points within a store. Backed by a nationwide service network and an easy to use, feature-rich software application, the TR50 is well equipped to minimize risk and loss, elevate cash visibility and accountability, and enhance employee productivity.

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