The Tidel TR200 note recycler is designed for back office cash environments that would benefit from processing higher volumes of banknotes. By offering a large note capacity and up to 8 note recycle modules, the TR200 provides the flexibility and scalability needed for a wide spectrum of cash volume environments.

The TR200 note recycler enables the automated recycling and dispensing of notes in the back office of a retail establishment. By accelerating the start of day, start and end of shift, and end of day operations, the TR200 enables retail employees to spend less time counting and handling cash, and more time on their core business. When paired with a Tidel coin recycler, the TR200 is an ideal solution for back office cash automation – enabling speed, accuracy and accountability for the recycling of notes and coin, thus minimizing store float and the frequency of CIT pickups.

Available Features

  • Peer to Peer Networking
  • Can be paired with two unique Tidel coin recyclers
  • Remote Management
  • Optional Biometrics
  • Remote bill upgrades
  • Combination style door locks
  • Nationwide service network
  • Web-based store and management reporting
  • iButton for CIT access
  • Integrated printer
  • Touch screen interface
  • Error recovery videos
  • System status dashboards

TR Series Software

At the heart of the TR200 is the software solution that powers it. The TR200 software suite is expansive, easy to use, and completely adaptable to any user environment. The TR200 software simplifies the process of managing users, assigning permissions, running reports, and managing cash balances. The TR200 offers a status bar that provides a dashboard-like status of all system components, allowing for proactive engagement when needed. The TR200 also enables remote access capability, so authorized parties can perform necessary maintenance, or assist with troubleshooting, if required. The TR200 offers the industry’s most comprehensive software package needed to manage the note and coin processing of a cash-intensive retail establishment.

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TR Series Recycling Systems

The TR202 cash recycling system offers back office note and coin recycling, enabling improved security, reduced cash handling, and accelerated start and end of shift processes for store personnel.
The TR203 cash recycling system is ideally suited for retail organizations that handle higher volumes of coin. Capable of processing up to 3,000 coins per minute, the TR203 provides unmatched horsepower to address the processing needs of coin heavy retail environments.

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2025 W. Belt Line Rd. #114 | Carrollton, TX 75006 | 972.484.3358 | 800.678.7577

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