What does $700.4 billion dollars look like?

It looks like crates of merchandise, fuel, medicine, food, chemicals, and clothing. It looks like long metal wind turbine blades wrapped in canvas covers, steaming mugs of coffee, chrome exhausts, and weigh stations. It looks like 3.5 million professional drivers[1] and even more open road.

The American trucking industry accounts for nearly 80% of all domestic freight. This industry is, in many ways, the real backbone of the modern U.S. economy.

An integral part of this complex vertical is the thousands of truck stops scattered across the country. These stops began to pop up in the late 1800s to support the Pony Express delivery system.[2] As the internal combustion engine began to gain more mainstream acceptance, larger and larger numbers of Americans began hitting the road. This called for an increase in not only the number of “stops” but an expansion of amenities and services. When the semi-truck was introduced, it solidified the need for a reliable system of stations that allowed professional drivers and their rigs to refuel.

Over time, truck stops have expanded their services and offerings. Today’s truck stops include everything from showers to laundry services, truck repair shops, and convenience stores. These one-stop shops are also important because they provide drivers with areas for rest and recovery after thousands of miles of travel.

The strict demand for efficiency in the trucking business means that many drivers are constantly mobile and rarely visit a “home base.” Many are also unbanked and carry out much of their transactions in cash. Truck stops that want to attract and retain business must have a plan in place to deal with the high amount of currency that passes through their doors.

Cash Management Systems Trucks Stops Can Rely On

The answer is a reliable cash management solution. Truck stops that rely on coin-operated services need machines that not only dispense change, but can safely secure funds without increases in employee labor. The Tidel Series 4e Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser is the perfect answer.

The Series 4e Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser is a feature-rich product that offers a 7-inch color console, a manual drop vault, internal alarms, and PIN-based authentication to account for each and every cash transaction. The system features six coin hoppers and integrated note cassettes that enable the fast dispensing of bulk notes on demand.

Tidel systems help lower the risk of internal theft and improve operating margins for retailers. Our automated intelligent cash management solutions are an ideal solution for truck stops, and we are proud to help support the people who support America. To learn more, visit Tidel.com today!