Smart safes offer a retailer several features and advantages, many of which we’ve articulated in prior blog posts. But what hasn’t been addressed is how smart safes benefit store employees, particularly those on the front line – cashiers or retail sales associates – those crucial team members that receive cash directly from customers when transacting a sale. Adopting a smart safe in a store for the very first time can be a daunting task to some. It’s human nature that some people simply fear technology or anything similar they feel may be disruptive to their day to day processes.  With a smart safe, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article we’ll address three benefits a smart safe provides front line store employees. It is our hope that employees that read and understand this will easily overcome their fears of using a smart safe they are now being mandated to use as part of their job.

Smart safes provide security for your cash and your employees

Simply stated, smart safes secure the store’s cash deposits. In most cases, the vault that contains the note cassettes cannot be accessed by anyone, including the store manager. It is usually accessible only by the armored car service. This level of security is an effective robbery deterrent. With zero employee access, robbers will catch on to that and, as a result, will target a different store.

Also, smart safes that are placed directly under the counter enable a fast and convenient way to deposit cash from the till throughout the day. This helps to keep till balances to a minimum which, much like the restricted access note vault, offers a proven robbery deterrent.

A Harvard research study is not required to prove that employees would rather work in a safe environment, versus an unsafe environment. Employees that work in a store with a smart safe will feel more secure knowing that a solution exists that securely manages their store’s cash deposits and provides unparalleled security. A more secure employee is a more productive employee – which is what every retailer wants.

Faster cash reconciliation makes employees more efficient

A smart safe automates the management of cash. It automatically records all transactions, ensuring maximum cash accountability. Also, if appropriately programmed, stores can tie the smart safe into its POS system, ensuring that cash sales are accounted for and deposits are happening when they need to – e.g., when the till drawer exceeds pre-determined capacities. Since all deposits are recorded, reconciling a cashier’s till balance at the end of a shift is exponentially faster, allowing employees to wrap up their day much more expediently and efficiently.

Cash automation frees up employees for other activities

A smart safe takes the worry away from store employees who come from an era of handling cash manually. Sadly, many stores are still in this predicament. For stores that have adopted smart safes, employees have the freedom knowing that there is a proven system, right next to them, which handles their cash for them in a secure and automated fashion. With this burden removed from their back (and mindset), they can now focus on what motivates them – helping customers and securing that next sale.


To many retailers, employees are their most important asset. Unfortunately employee turnover remains a challenge for retail organizations. With the U.S. economy rebounding from the Great Recession, this trend may in fact get worse, as the talent pool recedes. Retailers are challenged with deriving new ways to hire and retain employees, such as increasing hourly wages, improving benefits, offering new perks, etc.

However, employee attraction and retention is not exclusively tied to these “tangible” items. An often overlooked, yet obvious, intangible variable is a safe and secure environment in which employees can work. Employees thrive in this type of environment, simply because they can focus on their work and not be distracted by an unsafe workplace.

A smart safe, if used correctly, can have a significant impact on a store’s safety and security and, as a result, employee productivity. Any potential resistance the employee might convey by having to utilize a smart safe can be easily mitigated by the potential risks they may face by not using one.

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