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Sep 25, 2018

Wrapping up 2018 with a busy Trade Show Season

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In order to share upcoming industry insights and facilitate networking opportunities, many industries hold variously themed trade shows throughout the year. As the need for cash solutions spans many industries, Tidel attends several of these conferences to listen to the unique needs of each sector, catch up with several of our customers and partners, and maintain close proximity to the latest business trends.

Tidel is no stranger to exhibiting at trade shows, and the upcoming quarter is packed with conferences where Tidel will be on display.

At Tidel, our goal is to deliver best in class automated cash management solutions for the industries we serve. While prospects, clients, and partners can certainly find information about us online, trade shows allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions and illustrate how they can positively impact our customer’s business in an open, face-to-face environment.

Q4 2018 is shaping up to be a busy trade show quarter for Tidel.  Our plans include:

A Closer Look into the Conferences

The first event of the quarter is the annual conference for the Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA) in Las Vegas. Representing in excess of 6,000 service centers across the country, FiSCA is comprised of small companies with a single store all the way to the large national brands with hundreds of locations – all focused on servicing the financial needs of the unbanked or underbanked U.S. consumer.

Immediately after the FiSCA conference is the National Association of Convenience Stores show, also held in Las Vegas. Since establishing our roots in the convenience store industry, Tidel has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the NACS show.  For this year’s event, we will be displaying our broad portfolio of solutions that help convenience stores of all sizes, from mom and pop locations to well-known national brands, become more efficient and secure in how they handle their cash.

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) conference in November brings together more than 6,000 treasury and finance professionals who are attending to the conference to increase their exposure to a wide range of financial topics, including innovative payment methods, the incorporation of blockchain technology, and of course, advancements in cash management solutions. At AFP, we’ll be demonstrating our broad solution portfolio to this audience, including smart safes and automated cash recyclers.

After AFP concludes, it’s back to Las Vegas for the Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Expo. At this event, cash management and security are at the forefront of the conversation as retailers, casinos, banks (both commercial and central), and government agencies collaborate to improve the safety of cash transactions.

Wrapping up our busy Q4 is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions conference in Orlando, Florida. It is our first time exhibiting at IAAPA, and we look forward to meeting new partners and clients as we make further inroads into this vertical.

Tidel is proud to participate in these exciting industry events to demonstrate our innovative cash management solutions to clients, partners, and prospective customers. For us, it is an exceptional opportunity to understand the unique needs of each business sector in order to develop customized cash management solutions to meet the needs of our customers today, and in the future.

To learn more about Tidel’s trade shows and the solutions we offer, please visit our website at https://www.tidel.com.


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