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November 21, 2022

Artificial Intelligence: What Retailers are Doing to Increase Automation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the retail industry. Retail businesses are using AI to increase automation in their stores, which is resulting in improved efficiency and profitability.

AI-powered retail automation is giving retailers the ability to track and predict consumer trends, optimize stock levels, and improve customer service. In addition, AI is helping retailers to identify and track store performance data, which provides valuable insights into how operations can be optimized.

How Are AI and Automation Affecting the Retail Industry?

AI can be used for various tasks in a retail setting, with much of it focused on providing personalized service to customers, increasing the ease and convenience of services, and boosting the efficiency of repetitive tasks.

Some technologies are becoming game changers, such as inventory management systems and cash management devices. They provide retail owners and customers security and transparency throughout the process.

But which areas are the most profoundly affected by automation in the retail industry? Here are the top three:

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most crucial and complex elements of running a retail business. With AI and automation, retail store inventory can be tracked and managed more efficiently, with little risk of human error.

Retailers use AI to track and predict demand, which minimizes instances of overstocking or understocking inventory. Tracking sales data and customer trends allows retailers to plan for disruptions and optimize their supply chain.

Automation is helping retail stores make inventory and supply chain management much more efficient.

Data Entry and Pricing

Another area significantly impacted by AI is pricing and data entry. Traditionally, employees have manually done these tasks. They are highly repetitive and are prone to human error, which impacts all other business operations.

This is where AI can make a dramatic difference, as these tasks can be completed quickly and with little to no errors.

Retail stores can also use this process to understand and analyze customer data to improve the customer experience and make better decisions about stock and pricing.


Retail stores are now leveraging automation to improve security. AI-powered security cameras can now detect suspicious activity and automatically alert store employees or security personnel.

Another area retailers are utilizing AI to enhance security pertains to retail shrink. With the increase deployment of self-checkout systems, retailers have had to deal with the challenges that come with it, including a rise in skip-scanning.  To address this, retailers are starting to implement AI-powered devices, including computer vision technology, which can detect whether a customer has scanned an item or not.

Another area where retailers are investing in technology to enhance security pertains to automated cash management systems. Smart safes and cash recyclers help retailers secure and automate manual cash handling tasks while providing transparency to their overall cash operations.  Having real-time visibility to its cash position, across all devices, allows a retailer to make prudent and expedient business decisions backed by data. Smart safes and cash recyclers are key components of a store’s overall security infrastructure, one that can help track customers from the moment they come in, to when they reach the checkout point.

AI and Automation Are Changing Retail

The retail industry is under pressure as consumers shift their spending to online channels. In response, many retailers are turning to AI and automation to improve their operations.

Both are sure to positively impact more retail businesses in the long run and change the industry for the better. Overall, AI is making retail stores more secure and efficient. As these technologies continue to develop, we can expect even more innovations in the retail industry.

Forward-thinking retail business owners leverage these technologies to minimize costs, optimize operations, and better serve their customers.


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