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Back Office Cash Recyclers

The Tidel family of Back Office cash recyclers represents the broadest and most adaptable portfolio of cash recycling systems in the industry. From stores that range from a single till, to the most dynamic, high volume retail operations, Tidel cash recyclers are designed to adapt to the widest range of cash management needs, no matter the size or complexity.

Note Recycling Capacity
# Recycling Denominations
Note Deposit Capacity
Total Note Capacity
Tidel R1800
Up to 4
Tidel R3000
Up to 5
Tidel R4000
Up to 6

Which Cash Recycler Is Best For You?

The type of cash recycler you chose depends on several factors: number of registers, cash volume, frequency of bank deposits and pick-ups, number of employees handling cash, and type of business, to name a few. View this document to learn more about the choices you have in selecting a cash recycler.


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Tidel Software

At the heart of Tidel cash recyclers is the software solution that powers them. The software is expansive, easy to use, and completely adaptable to any user environment. Tidel cash recycler software has been designed to operate any Tidel note or coin recycling system, enabling commonality for all Tidel cash recycling solutions you may deploy at your store. With a plug and play design, Tidel note recyclers can interoperate with a suite of Tidel coin recyclers that can be purchased after the initial system has been set up, meaning that customers can easily scale their currency processing requirements as their needs change over time. A common software platform allows our customers to save time and money, while opening up new opportunities for usability, maintenance, and upgradeability.

Tidel cash recycler software simplifies the process of managing users, assigning permissions, running reports, and managing cash balances. The software also offers a status bar that provides a dashboard-like status of all system components, allowing for proactive engagement when needed. The software also enables remote access capability, so authorized parties can perform necessary maintenance, or assist with troubleshooting, if required.


With the Tidel cash recyclers, customers have access to the widest range of note and coin recyclers in the industry, covering the broadest spectrum of performance and capacity requirements, all powered by one common, easy to use software platform.

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