SafePay RC5000

Cash management can be risky and labor-intensive for many retail establishments. Today’s retailers are looking at ways to automate in-store cash processes, freeing up labor to take on more value-added tasks. All while improving security, accelerating transactions, and providing greater control.

Retailers can achieve this with the new SafePay RC5000, an adaptive, secure, and flexible closed cash handling system. They are designed to integrate into multiple points within a store environment.

Scalable Solution for Evolving Cash Handling Needs

SafePay RC5000 replaces tills by enabling a flexible cashier or customer-facing cash payment device. Counting cash at opening or closing isn’t necessary since the new SafePay RC5000 automatically reconciles cash transactions with the store’s point-of-sale system.

Modular Design for Flexible Placement

Its modular design allows many placement options within a store where cash optimization is needed. SafePay RC5000 is designed to fit neatly within a counter, easily controlled by the store’s POS system.

Convenient and Secure Cash Replenishment

SafePay offers high-speed acceptance of cash payments, change dispensing, and counterfeit detection.

Enhancing In-Store Efficiency and Customer Experience

As a result of its features, SafePay improves in-store cash handling activities and transaction times, resulting in shorter queues and a better overall customer experience.

Cashier Facing

Assisted Self-Checkout


Closed Cash Management
With the SafePay RC5000, cash deposits are securely counted and stored, preventing access to cash at any time, thus enabling an effective closed cash management process

Multiple Deployment Scenarios
The SafePay RC5000 has been designed to fit under a counter, enabling it to easily integrate as a self-checkout solution, assisted self-checkout solution, or cashier- facing payment terminal

System Reporting and Monitoring
The SafePay RC5000 offers the intelligence required to be a component of a comprehensive cash management dashboard, point-of-sale system, or remote service monitoring tool

Streamlined System Maintenance
SafePay has been architected in such a way to enable plug and play replacement of key components as well as remote problem resolution via its software platform

The SafePay RC5000 provides retailers a reliable and adaptable solution that secures and automates cash payments at multiple points within a store. With its small footprint and modular design, SafePay fits under the counter and integrates into a self-checkout terminal or a cashier-facing payment terminal. The rich design and feature set provides unparalleled use case flexibility – enabling retailers to automate cash payments for an optimal employee and customer experience.


Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 781 x 229 x 711

Weight (kg): 75

Capacity of Inlet: Bundle Feed up to 50 notes
Speed of Cash In: 2-3 notes/sec

Capacity of Outlet: Bundle Dispense up to 20 notes
Speed of Cash Out: 3 notes/sec

Recycle Denominations: 6

Recycle Capacity:
60 notes/drum, 2 drums/cassette
Max – 3 cassettes
(Total Recycling 360 notes)

Deposit Capacity: 1500 notes – Cassette

Reload Cassette Capacity: 500 notes

Reject Capacity: 20 notes


COIN RECYCLER – coin unit not available as a stand-alone product

Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD)
Note and Coin Pair : 781 x 483 x 711

Weight (kg)
Note and Coin Pair: 101

Capacity of Inlet: Bulk coin 75-100 coins
Speed of Deposit: 5 coins / sec

Capacity of Outlet: Bulk coin 75-100 coins
Speed of Dispense: 8-12 coins/sec

Recycle Capacity: 1500 coins – Overflow 1500 coins

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