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What is a Cash Recycler?

A cash recycler is a system that automates the process of accepting and dispensing cash.  A cash recycler also stores cash securely, while keeping an accurate account of cash on hand. Typically, cash recyclers are used in back office cash rooms of multiple retail environments, including big box retail, warehouse clubs, and grocery stores.  They are also used in other verticals where high volumes of cash are present – including hotels, casinos, sports stadiums, and amusement parks.

Cash recyclers provide unique features enabling convenient automation of back office cash processes.  These include the note feeder, where notes are inserted by the user.  Once the notes are accepted, they are automatically counted and recorded, and then placed into separate recycling cassette that can dispense cash for future transactions.  A cash recycler also comes equipped with a deposit cassette that is designated for notes that are not to be reused.  Notes placed into the deposit cassette are typically higher denomination notes that the store doesn’t wish to recycle.

Cash Recyclers

Cash Recyclers

Benefits of Cash Recyclers:

Cash recyclers can enable impactful benefits to retailers who choose to implement them. These can include:

  • Accelerated start and end of shift processes
  • Increased cash visibility
  • Minimized store float
  • Reduced incidences of theft
  • Reduced CIT and banking fees
  • Better usage of in-store labor

Cash recyclers can vary across a broad spectrum of features and functionality, including note recycler capacity, note deposit capacity, processing speed, ease of use, serviceability, and others. For a retailer to realize the greatest benefits from a cash recycler, it is important to align with a provider that can facilitate an in-depth study of their current cash environment, in order to recommend the right sized solution enabling the highest return on investment.

Which Cash Recycler Is Best For You?

The type of cash recycler you chose depends on several factors: number of registers, cash volume, frequency of bank deposits and pick-ups, number of employees handling cash, and type of business, to name a few. View this document to learn more about the choices you have in selecting a cash recycler.


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Environments Optimally Suited for a Cash Recycler

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Cash Recycler Videos

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Benefits of Cash Recyclers- Improved Accuracy and Accountability

Benefits of Cash Recyclers- Accelerated Start and End of Shift Processes

Benefits of Cash Recyclers – Reduced CIT and Bank Fees

Environments Suited for a Cash Recycler

Benefits of Cash Recyclers – Reduced Cash Float

Benefits of cash recycling- Freed Up Working Capital

Benefits of Cash Recycling – Re-Allocation of Store Labor

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