Tidel S3

The Tidel S3 smart safe is designed for organizations needing a secure, reliable, and auditable solution to deposit their cash throughout the day. Offering a single or bulk note validator, support for a 1,200 or 2,250 note cassette, and network connectivity, the Tidel S3 is an ideal solution for customers requiring a proven solution to automate their cash handling processes.

  • 7-inch color screen – providing superior usability in menu navigation and system operations
  • Support for one single or bulk note validator
  • Supports one standard (1,200 note) or XL (2,250 note) cassette
  • Main CPU board and power supply located under the console – enabling enhanced serviceability
  • Removable note validator head – enabling the clearing of note jams without the need for a service call
  • Network connectivity – enabling remote access to advanced reporting functions
  • Optional Single Coin Acceptor Module
  • Optional Manual Drop Vault

Efficient, Simplified Design

  • All cash management components in one integrated system
  • Easy to use, quick to deploy

Outstanding User Experience

  • 7-inch color console enables simple menu navigation
  • Integrated printer with see-through screen

Best in Class Serviceability

  • Removable validator head enables clearing of note jams without the need for a service call
  • CPU board and power supply located under console – greatly reducing service call costs

Network Connectivity

  • Easily connects to a store’s network – via Ethernet or wireless – enabling full visibility to all system transactions from a remote location

Note Capacity and Scalability

  • Supports one note validator – single or bulk note feed
  • Supports one standard (1,200 note) or XL (2,250 note) cassette

Optional Single Coin Acceptor Module

  • Allows for the automated depositing of coin into a secure receptacle
  • Enables reconciliation to the individual coin level

Optional Manual Drop Vault

  • Enables access to drop vault contents without access to the note cassettes

Weight & Dimensions
Weight:  88 lbs. (40 kg)
Height: 27.75″ (705 mm)
Width:  10.2″ (259 mm)
Depth: 15.25” (387 mm) – Vault Only
Depth:  19″ (482 mm) – Overall

Power Requirements
120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz

1 Year Parts and 90 Days Labor (Inside the US)
1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)


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Tidel S3

Additional Models


Tidel S3 Single Coin Acceptor Module

The Tidel S3 smart safe enables retailers to securely deposit their cash throughout their business day. When equipped with the Single Coin Acceptor module, retailers now have the ability to deposit individual coins into a secure coin receptacle, allowing for a fast and convenient way to deposit coins whenever required.

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Tidel S3 Storage Vault

The Tidel S3 with Storage Vault offers a manual drop vault that is separated from the acceptor vault. This allows managers or other authorized personnel to access the drop vault contents without gaining access to the note cassettes. All manual vault drop transactions can be easily recorded via the system console.

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