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Tidel’s roots were born in the convenience store industry, as we commenced our operations in 1978 as part of the Southland Corporation, now known as 7-Eleven, Inc. In that year, Tidel introduced the Timed Access Cash Controller, the industry’s first robbery deterrent product that dramatically reduced the frequency and magnitude of robberies in 7-Eleven stores, almost overnight.

Today, TACC systems are deployed in thousands of convenience store locations across the globe, as these organizations have quickly realized the value TACC systems provide in enabling enhanced security and convenience of their in-store cash funds.

Image of Convenience Stores or Gas Stations and Cash Management

Convenience stores face common challenges:

  • Low net operating margins
  • Inherent risk of robberies
  • Risk of internal theft
  • Strict policies governing the amount of cash in a register, or till, at any given time
  • The need to secure their cash and their employees

Since the introduction of our TACC product line, the cash management needs of convenience stores have evolved. In order to reduce risk of robberies, stores require an automated solution that can immediately accept large bills, dispense tubes of change, and, in some cases, dispense bulk notes for events such as lottery ticket payouts. All such tasks need to be auditable, reportable, automated, and secure.

To address these requirements, Tidel has significantly evolved its product line with the introduction of new smart safe solutions, including the Tidel D4, that connects to a wide range of peripherals, including the Tidel Tube Vend, and additional storage vault solutions. Our portfolio of cash automation solutions are well positioned to address the needs of the convenience store market, today and in the future.

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Case Studies

Throughout our history, we’ve helped hundreds of clients become more efficient, secure, and profitable in how they manage their cash.  Some of our clients have agreed to discuss their success with Tidel publicly.  Please click on any of the case studies here to read more about how these organizations have benefited from having Tidel systems in their business.

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