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Point of Sale Cash Recyclers

Tidel has developed cash recycling solutions that are designed to automate cash payments at point of sale (POS).  Our solutions enable retail customers to pay for their merchandise directly into the machine and receive change without handing cash to the store employee. This reduces cash shrink and eliminates the need for managing cash manually at POS. Our solutions can also be configured as a cashier-facing device, which accelerates transaction time and enhances security at the till.

Our point of sale recycling solutions are ideal for convenience stores, quick service restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries, and the like.

SafePay RC5000

The SafePay RC5000 provides retailers a reliable and adaptable solution that secures and automates cash payments at multiple points within a store. With its small footprint and modular design, SafePay fits under the counter and integrates into a self-checkout terminal or a cashier-facing payment terminal. The rich design and feature set provides unparalleled use case flexibility – enabling retailers to automate cash payments for an optimal employee and customer experience.

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