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Case Studies

Franchise Management Inc. Saves Over $1 Million in Labor
Costs & Improves Service by Using Tidel Smart Safes

July 28, 2023

As one of the largest Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell franchise operators in North America, Franchise Management Inc. (FMI) strives to offer an exceptional guest experience at its 340 locations, through a team of 6,500 employees. This growing enterprise serves more than 1 million customers annually across Canada and the US—generating a lot of cash that was causing major pain points for employees
at the stores and support center.

Tidel Smart Safes Help Flynn Restaurant Group Set the Pace in the Restaurant Industry

August 24, 2020

Automating cash management is helping Flynn Restaurant Group set the pace in its industry, one faced with relentless competition. It’s the type of industry where franchisees can’t afford to make mistakes, and where managers, employees, and customers must enjoy a secure and efficient experience to grow and prosper.

Tidel and Linfox Armaguard Partner to Improve Cash Management Processes at 7-Eleven Australia

November 28, 2017

As a national provider of state-of-the-art currency management solutions, Armaguard has long provided its expertise to improve the efficiency and security of currency management throughout Australia.

Tidel Series 4e Amps Up Security for Employees, Boosts Accuracy and Accountability

July 28, 2017

Walton Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is a customer-owned, Georgia-based Cooperative utility. Among the top Cooperatives in the south, this non-profit serves residential and small commercial customers in the northeast part of the state, including Walton, Athens-Clarke, Barrow, DeKalb, Greene, Gwinnett, and Morgan counties. The Co-op also provides services to large commercial and industrial customers regardless of location.

Tidel Series 3 Smart Safe Provides Peace of Mind to Austin Radiological Association

June 5, 2017

The healthcare landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Many insurance plans have transitioned in a way such that patients are bearing more of the upfront costs of healthcare services by utilizing plans that have higher copays and higher deductibles. Such dynamics have led to a significant growth in the “self-pay” consumer. These are patients that pay for medical services in cash before their health insurance activates. The increase in the self-pay consumer has boosted cash payments at healthcare service providers.

Abercrombie & Fitch Simplifies In-Store Cash Management

October 5, 2016

Looking to reduce theft and other forms of “shrink,” enhance employee safety and create in-store operational efficiencies, Abercrombie & Fitch recently upgraded to a secure Internet-connected, reliable “smart safe” cash management system. After a six-month pilot with a number of smart safe providers and various banking partners, A&F installed the Tidel Series 4 System in 475 stores.  For Abercrombie and Fitch, this implementation has simplified store operations, reduced payroll hours previously dedicated to cash handling, fostered a safer environment for employees, and substantially improved visibility and accountability of all cash transactions. 

Tidel Series 4 Smart Safes Drive Cost Savings, Super-Charges Profitability at Sonic Automotive

February 18, 2016

Cash is still king, and it’s likely to stay that way for decades. That’s great news for retail businesses, unless they manage cash poorly. Then it can be a costly nightmare. But that can change. Investing in a Tidel smart safe can put the brakes on costs and supercharge profitability, as it did for Sonic Automotive.

Plaid Pantry Secures Competitive Edge With Tidel

January 5, 2016

Running a retail business is a challenge these days. Thanks to the Internet, customers have more places to spend their hard earned dollars than ever before, intensifying competition. To survive, retailers need every edge they can get—especially when it comes to operating brick and mortar stores profitably.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

October 21, 2015

Many things make a zoo a world-class attraction and national icon. Often, they’re small things that go unnoticed by guests but contribute positively to customer service. One example is the way in which the park handles its cash. Guests don’t notice it, but it helps get them through ticket lines quickly and efficiently. From a park’s standpoint, cash control automation reduces costs, increases employee productivity, improves internal security, and enhances control of cash balances.

Half is More with Smart Safes

May 29, 2015

Restaurant operator El Pollo Loco leverages smart safes to dramatically cut the time and costs associated with cash management.

Tidel Optimizes Safety And Security At Daughtridge Gas & Oil

May 4, 2015

Cash management can be a major challenge for retailers. But some retailers, such as Daughtridge Gas & Oil, are taming their cash management challenge with help from Tidel, a leading provider of high quality cash management systems.

Preventing Crime with a “Safe” Solution

April 8, 2015

Smart Safes create a safer work environment for employees at Wendco of Puerto Rico, Inc. by minimizing cash exposure—from the till to the bank.

A Vehicle for Cash Management Success

March 3, 2015

Tidel smart safes, equipped with SC Advance note acceptors, drives newfound efficiencies for Shell Nederland Verkoopmaatschappij.