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Apr 23, 2019

Automated Coin Dispensing Systems Deliver Security, Transparency, and Convenience

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Tidel Tube Vend and Rolled Coin Dispenser, showing Automated Coin Dispensing Systems

To operate efficiently, convenience stores need the ability to both secure funds and vend change to their cashiers at the exact moment they need it. That’s why managers and owners of C-stores should consider adopting automated coin dispensing systems like the Tube Vend or Rolled Coin Dispenser from Tidel. These cash management solutions leverage technology to deliver improved security, transparency, and convenience in distributing the store’s change funds throughout the day.

Built for Speed

High-volume cash users such as convenience stores are busy businesses. When cashiers have to wait for managers to bring them change, it can hold up lines and impair sales. To counteract this, owners and managers need an efficient solution that enables cashiers to vend a tube of change at the point of sale, on a moment’s notice, whenever required. Automated coin dispensing systems are the answer to this cash management challenge. These user-friendly devices vend rolled coins on demand, quickly delivering change when needed. Industry research[1] has found that on average, rolled coin dispensers save five to seven seconds per each cash transaction. That means shorter lines and more sales, boosting both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

A More Secure Transaction

Stores that disburse change manually often find themselves facing continual issues centered around “missing funds.” Automated coin dispensing systems solve this problem. Change is securely stored until required, and the system automatically records the amount vended, the time, and the employee receiving disbursement. Further, the system automatically deducts the funds from inventory, so the store owner or manager can easily see when it’s time to refill. The Tidel Tube Vend, when deployed with the Series 4 smart safe, provides an end-of-day report, displaying the amount of cash removed by each employee by user PIN, along with the amount of money deposited. And inventory reports quickly inform managers how much change is required to reload the Tube Vend for the next day’s sales.

Better Accountability

Automated coin dispensing systems also provide enhanced accountability. All transactions conducted with the Tidel Tube Vend and Rolled Coin Dispenser are completely traceable and auditable. Since each user must input his or her unique PIN before vending a roll of change, incidences of internal theft are all but eliminated. Stores can also implement a “buy change” policy, where tubes of money cannot be vended for change unless employees deposit the same amount of cash into the safe.

[1] https://www.tidel.com/check-tidels-new-rolled-coin-dispenser-nacs/


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