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Mar 19, 2019

Benefits of Cash Recyclers: Accelerated Start and End of Shift Processes

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Cash recyclers help automate processes for companies handling large volumes of cash each day. There are several benefits to this technology, one of which is reduced wait time in the cash room for employees at the beginning and end of their work shifts. These processes can be inefficient, which typically involves long queues in the cash room with employees checking their tills in and out. The very last thing an employee wants to do at the end of their shift is to stand in a long line.

The totality of these processes can be reduced to about a minute with cash recyclers, substantially reducing the time required to check-in and check-out cash tills.

Tidel is a leading manufacturer of automated cash management systems that enable organizations to improve efficiency and security in their overall cash management processes. The benefits offered by Tidel’s systems include increased security, the reduction of human error, theft, and loss, and the improvement of staff productivity that can be realized by faster and easier check-in and check-out of cash tills.

Watch the video above to learn more about one key benefit a cash recycler provides an organization—acceleration of start and end of shift processes.


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