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Apr 2, 2019

Benefits of a Tidel Cash Recycler: Freed Up Working Capital

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Cash handling processes are an important part of the daily routine of many organizations. Automating such processes with a cash recycler makes these tasks much more tenable.

Cash recyclers not only recycle notes to be used in the store’s daily operations, they can also be set up to accept deposits of notes, particularly for higher denominations. A key benefit of this capability is freed up working capital.

Cash recyclers allow the store to coordinate with its CIT partner and the bank to facilitate credit for the funds placed into the deposit compartment of the cash recycler, even before the funds reach the store’s bank. This frees up critical working capital needed to help bolster the store’s business operations.

Tidel, a worldwide leading manufacturer of automated cash management systems, helps businesses realize their potential with systems that automate the store’s cash handling processes. A cash recycler from Tidel can transform the way an organization deposits its various notes, freeing up working capital and enhancing bottom lines.

Watch the video above to learn more about this critical benefit provided by a cash recycler from Tidel—freed up working capital.


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