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Apr 9, 2019

Benefits of a Tidel Cash Recycler: Reduced Banking and CIT Fees

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Cash recyclers help automate cash handling processes for high transaction retail organizations. Deploying a cash recycler avails numerous benefits to a store, one of which is a reduction in third-party fees, such as those pertaining to CIT providers and banks.

Cash recyclers enable cash collected to be reused throughout the day. As a result, the frequency of CIT pick-ups is substantially reduced. In addition, change orders and associated fees levied by banks can also be minimized. Reusing incoming cash also decreases the frequency of bank runs.

Tidel, a global leading manufacturer of retail cash management systems, helps businesses automate and drive efficiencies in the ways in which they handle their cash. Reducing third-party fees is one way a busy retail environment can enhance their bottom line, simply by deploying cash recyclers in their store.

Watch the video above to learn more about how cash recyclers can help organizations minimize their banking and CIT fees.


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