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Mar 5, 2019

Environments Optimally Suited for a Cash Recycler

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Institutions that handle large volumes of cash on a daily basis often times exert more effort than necessary.  As many organizations have dedicated rooms, staff, and processes to help manage their cash, it is important to realize that all of these factors come with a cost.

Cash recyclers are advanced systems that help organizations automate their cash management processes – helping them transition to an environment based on improved efficiencies, streamlined processes, and reduced overhead.

This video discusses some of the common characteristics of environments that are ideally suited for a cash recycler.  Cash recyclers can help institutions that deal with:

  1. Significantly high cash volumes
  2. Dedicated labor assigned to handle cash
  3. High store float
  4. Continual accounting and reconciliation issues
  5. High third-party fees

Managing high volumes of cash using traditional methods is not only labor intensive but also open to human error. Time is money, and more often than not, too much time is spent conducting audits, preparing deposits, and investigating discrepancies. If these conditions sound familiar to your business, Tidel is here to help. Tidel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated cash management systems and helps organizations achieve greater efficiencies and security in their overall cash management processes. A cash recycler from Tidel enables the efficient, secure management of cash and improves overall business performance, allowing businesses to refocus staff activities to enhance bottom lines.

Watch the video above to learn more about the 5 common attributes of businesses that could benefit from a cash recycler by Tidel.


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