It’s an exciting time for Tidel. The company has recently been purchased by a private equity firm in Greenwich, Connecticut: Littlejohn & Co. Littlejohn has given Tidel latitude to expand its offerings. Initially known as a coin dispense provider to the convenience store industry, and to other verticals impacted by the cost of accepting cash and other payment methods, Tidel is becoming much more.

At Tidel, the focus is now on creating other solutions to meet the needs of retailers, banking partners, and its valued armored car partners. Tidel is always creating new technology to update and augment its total cash management solutions, enabling businesses to streamline, automate, and secure their cash environment.

“We are the ones that are going to replace ourselves,” says Marty Hendrickson, Vice President of Global Sales, explaining the Tidel mission of continuous innovation and forward-thinking, disruptive mindset. “We want to constantly evolve and create new offerings that address the specific needs of our clients.” To learn more, please enjoy the video.