Retailers that utilize manual processes to manage their cash often face common challenges – inaccurate reconciliations, discrepancy investigations, and manager time away from the store to prepare and eventually transport deposits to the bank.  All such challenges cost the retailer misappropriated labor time, which can have a direct, negative effect on their bottom line.  Proven cash management systems and their peripherals, however, can drive efficiencies to these processes and, as a result, increase profits to the retailer’s overall operations.

By leveraging a secure, convenient, and comprehensive cash management system, one that is inclusive of a smart safe, a retailer’s overall business will run more smoothly and more profitably, allowing them to better serve their customers.

The Tidel Series 4 is ideally suited to address a wide variety of retail cash management challenges, in large part due to its ability to connect with a broad spectrum of peripherals to address a diverse set of cash management needs within the retail landscape. With its supported peripherals, the Series 4 can handle the dispensing of in-store change and provide additional storage across a wide spectrum of form factors.

Till Storage Vault Peripheral

An example of such peripheral is the Till Storage Vault. While most shift changes require a manager to carry tills between the front and back of the store, the storage vault allows a retailer to store up to four tills directly below the counter. This saves employees time when starting or ending a shift, as they can access the Till Storage Vault quickly and easily without transporting the cash farther than a few feet. With state-of-the-art security measures, a retailer can rest comfortable knowing that cash left in the tills is safely secured, ready for the next shift to start.

Side Vault Peripherals

The Till Storage Vault is one of several storage options that Tidel offers. The Series 4 also supports two Side Vault peripherals to match the storage space a business may require. The standard side vault has space for up to ten tills, allowing a business to prepare “starting tills” far in advance, so employees are ready to go as soon as a shift begins. If the business environment is space constrained, the Tidel Series 4 also supports a Narrow Side Vault, which is ideal for storing coin dispensing cartridges, loose change, lottery tickets or other items crucial to a business’ day-to-day operations.

Tube Vend Peripheral

The Tidel Tube Vend enables a store to manage its change fund in a secure and simple manner. Rather than keeping excess cash in the till, or storing the change fund elsewhere in the store, retailers can place their rolls of notes and coin directly into the Tube Vend, which can later be used to dispense funds back to employees when they are needed to replenish the change fund throughout the day.  The Tube Vend has a built-in time delay feature, so not more than one tube can be vended at a time.  The next tube cannot be vended until the pre-programmed time delay expires.  Not only does this allow a retailer to keep track of exactly how much cash is used at various points throughout the day, it also serves as an effective robbery deterrent – preventing potential thieves from accessing the store’s change fund.

Integrated Console

The Series 4 integrated console, supported by a 7-inch color touchscreen, controls each peripheral, meaning only those employees that are authorized can access the system by entering their proper user credentials. For additional security, the storage vaults are also equipped with timed alarms so doors are never accidentally left open. By giving retailers complete control over when and how their safes are opened, the Series 4 ensures a merchant’s cash is handled safely and efficiently – on every single shift.

At Tidel, we are dedicated to constantly improving the usability and convenience of our products. With a wide range of peripherals to suit a retailer’s needs, the Series 4 is the most flexible cash management system available on the market. To learn more about the Series 4 or to see our other available products, visit us today at!