In the early 2000’s, Tidel introduced the next innovation in its historic product line – the Sentinel Family of cash management systems. The Sentinel introduced an advanced system that accepted notes in addition to vending change. Since 2002, Tidel has evolved the Sentinel family to include multiple deposit devices and an entire family of peripherals that connect to those devices, including coin recyclers, coin dispensers, and note dispensers.

Today, Tidel offers the broadest portfolio of cash management systems in the industry. In 2014, we completely refreshed our family and came out with what’s today known as the Series 4. The Series 4 introduced several new features for convenience, adaptability, flexibility and serviceability.  Shortly after the launch of the Series 4, Tidel introduced the Series 4e, which brought forward significant cash management expansion capabilities. With the Series 4e, we made the connectivity of Tidel peripheral solutions much easier with plug and play capability. Simply plug it in, much like you would plug in a device to a computer.

Customers continue to seek solutions that allow them to handle cash in an easy-to-use, convenient manner. Tidel continues to invest in a broad portfolio of cash management systems to address this requirement. To learn more about Sentinel and the rest of Tidel’s suite of products, visit Tidel online today at, or contact us directly at 1-800-678-7577.