What makes Tidel unique is that we take pride in the solutions we have developed that help our customers gain a better handle on their cash. For almost 40 years, we have listened carefully to our customers and partners and, as a result, we have been able to develop solutions that address cash management challenges across numerous verticals and use cases.

In doing so, we believe what we offer sets us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves on the level of hardware flexibility, software flexibility, and reliability that our cash management solutions provide our customers. With our base platform and peripheral portfolio, our customers have, literally, well over a million ways to configure our systems to their requirements. Our software platform is also extremely flexible, giving our customers unparalleled choices in how they can customize our solutions based on their needs.

We also design each and every one of our systems with a keen attention to quality and reliability. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is a proven indicator of this important facet of our business, which translates to systems deployed with maximum uptime and lowest total cost of ownership.

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